Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday - Party Edition

It's Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea and today is all about our favorite parties! I LOVE planning my kids parties, so picking a favorite is difficult.

We start our kids "friends" parties at three, so my girl has had 4, and Jesse has had a whopping...ONE. Baby E is still playing the waiting game.

If I could only choose ONE party, and we're just talking birthday parties, because I could go on all day about holiday parties, I would say that my daughter's 5th birthday pajama (but not sleepover!) party was my favorite. It was the first year that she was REALLY into the party, she helped every step of the way, and it is a fond memory for me!

You can find the link for that post HERE, but here's a little peek of what the day, complete with a waffle bar, doughnut cake, and "tie blanket" making, looked like:

For a link to her 4th birthday butterfly tea party, click HERE

And for her 3rd birthday "Cars" party, click HERE

For J's 3rd birthday construction party, click HERE

And for J's first birthday family party, click HERE

B's 6th birthday post should be up soon (yes, over 2 months late), but until then, here's a sneak peek - can you guess the theme?:

Sorry little guy, you'll get a party soon!


  1. Oh my goodness!! LOVE the pink pajama party and the construction party!! What AWESOME ideas!!

  2. A waffle bar?! I'm clicking over to read about that! I have fond memories planning parties with my mom. How special your daughter was able to create some working together with you on her 5th!

  3. Love all these different ideas! And a waffle bar is so my happy space

  4. The pink pajama party is so cute! I did a pancakes & pajama party for my oldest daughter's 6th bday!
    I am planning on doing a construction theme for my little guys 3rd bday in august, going to check out your party!