Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pink Pajama Party!

Little Missy is FIVE!!! To celebrate, we had a very pink pajama party, complete with a waffle bar, doughnut cake, and homemade blankets!

The Decor

My mom and I spent an evening sewing pillows, my hubby and dad patiently hung tulle from the ceiling, and we made some of these!

The Food

We set up a breakfast bar and added simple pink touches a TON of pink to the mix

The Party!

Pajamas were a requirement, and my girlie and I had a matching pair made by Snippets of Design on Etsy. Moms and Grammas were not exempt from the jammie rule! 

 The girls colored, made their own tie blankets, painted nails, and watched "Frozen" while they ate popcorn

OOPS! Can't forget the birthday girl's main request: a DOUGHNUT cake!!!

Oh my sweet little lady, how are you FIVE?!