Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentine's Day

If you haven't noticed by now, we are holly jolly holiday people! We will take any holiday and make it a party, and therefore, we had a nice, full, Valentine's weekend!

We usually celebrate V-Day as a family holiday. We used to celebrate just my husband and I years ago, but to be honest, the pressure to act a certain way, which is not our "normal", just gets annoying! He speaks love to me in ways other than poetic cards and cheesy gifts, and vice versa. For example, on our very first Valentine's day, his mom called us out of 1st and 2nd period, we went to a bakery and ate cookies for breakfast. Boom. Easy! Looking back we laugh about two things - one - we were young and dumb and stupid in love, and two - if anyone ever tries to sneak our kids out of school, they're toast! hehe. Regardless, we tried to make reservations for dinner a few years ago at our normal date night spot, felt overly crowded and uncomfortable, and left and got McDonald's ice cream. I guess that deep down we are just the simple 16 and 18 year olds we used to be :) And so that brings me back to square one - family holiday! There's no place we'd rather be than at home in pajamas having a pizza night dance party with our three mini valentines! 

Our girls tradition is to stay up all night baking treats for the boys the night before. Feb 13th THIS year was spent at a night time birthday party followed by a late dinner at a friend's house until about midnight. So this year, we pushed our baking back to the day of!

We started our day early, baking, and tasting, and baking, and tasting some more...

Then we headed off to stinking COLD soccer and t-ball games.

And then off to a 4H field trip.

Family party time!

Haha!!! Here's our official family valentine's photo!

Scavenger hunt time!

And...the big reveal!

Red velvet whoopie pies, oatmeal cream pies, sweet and salty peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate strawberries, and m&m blondies. OH! And VERY happy boys!

 Ever heard of sugar overload? 

My favorite part of the night was going around the table, each saying something we love about each person. It was adorable - J told B he loved her because she was his girl. B told J she loved him because he gives the best hugs. They told their daddy they love it when he plays with them. And then they both told me they love me because I cook their food. Yep. Maid status...again! haha

  Hope your day was just as sweet! Or maybe just a little less sweet. That was way too stinking sweet. I'm talking belly ache's all night.