Monday, January 26, 2015

January Moments to Remember

About this time of year, things start to get a little crazy for us - and now, on top of the 'normal' craziness, we are prepping for our 4H fair (BIG deal around here), dealing with my husbands new, and equally unusual, schedule, and soccer and tball season. My husband and I are big on "getting away", which works out well as we live within a few hours of all of our favorite places - convenient! Here's a little recap of our last two, super fun, very last minute, moments I cherish and never want to forget, weekends! 

First off: my girl was long overdue for a one on one girls day, thankfully, John was in total agreement, and forced me out after a bad day. We had so much fun - pig out lunch, coffee date, TWO dressing rooms full at both Justice and Gymboree, a pit stop at J. Crew and LOFT for mama, followed by an actual date with my husband. It was very sweet of him, but my best guess is that it was all a coverup for the fact that a certain someone went hog hunting the night prior and didn't walk back in the house until 4:30. Hmm...I always get a girls day after a guys day. Must be a guilt pattern! ;)

Three weeks in a row, my husband's schedule didn't allow for a lick of family time. Seriously, as in, he didn't see the kids from Sunday evening until Friday night. So, about mid week, he, of all people in the world (he is NOT a Disney fan) said he would like to go to Disney for the weekend and get away.  Let me just check my! Booked that room in about two minutes flat. Here's the funny thing about my husband. He HATES the gluttonous attitudes that Disney produces, us included. But on occasion, he gives me the heads up that we are having a no-holds-barred type of weekend. This, my friends, was one of them. And today, my friends, will SUCK. Because I, my friends, am left with three overstimulated, really whiny, bickering, frustrated, kids. Oops...who I LOVE, of course! cream, doughnuts, and marshmallows within the first HOUR...wonder why their faces look like THIS...

Running off some energy at the best playground ever.

AND...the sugar crash!

Oh, good morning, let me just pump some more sugar into my kids before taking them to a toy store...

We watched "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" last weekend and then played on the playset at the theme park, They made the movie connection, and spent the majority of the day re-enacting scenes. So cute! 

Pretty sure the "Frozen Sing Along" snow machine was broken...

Happy girl!!!

These photos are only here to show that I totally kicked everyone's butt on the Toy Story game WITH a sleeping toddler. 

And then we bought breakfast for the next morning's car ride home. Hmm...wonder why my kids are so CRAZY today...

Two great weekends...I love my people :)