Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Annabeth and I spent the month of August thoroughly enjoying the August "Pool Party" box from My Pre-K Box. Here's a little peek at what was inside August's box, and dont forget, as a Rooted in Rest subscriber, you can get $5 off of your first box using code ROOTEDINREST5

Inside each box are dynamic, hands-on math activities and learning tools, creative and fun pre-reading literacy games, thematic crafts, and my personal favorite, sensory activities!

The "Pool Party" box included literacy activities such as a "Pool Party Clap and Count" activity that focused on phonological awareness, and a "Flip & Flop" rhyming card game.

Math activites last month included a "Flower Float" game, which helped with the concepts of "more" and "less", as well as a "Say and Spot Pool" activity to aid in number sense. 

This box's craft was a Flower Lei, and then the additional "Craft Lover's Upgrade" included a sticker scene, as well as adorable flamingo sunglasses. Sensory play is always a big hit around here, so I think Annie most enjoyed the water bead activity that was included.

This box was such a wonderful experience for Annabeth and I to enjoy with low prep time which maximized our together time. I very much look forward to enjoying September's "Apple Box" together in the weeks ahead! Thanks so much to My Pre-K Box!

Check out the full unboxing at the beginning of this video:

This post is in partnership with My Pre-K Box. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Hey everyone! The kids and I took a detour on our trip up to NC and stopped in Charleston for 24 hours. We have been studying The Civil War, The Underground Railroad, and slavery since March in both Story of the World (we lingered on the chapter for weeks) and Five in a Row (Follow the Drinking Gourd and Who Owns the Sun?). I knew we wanted to do Fort Sumter so we pushed our June trip back to July in May when it was still closed so that we could be assured of it being mostly open. At the last minute, I found a tour called "From Slavery to Freedom", and the founder of The Slave Dwelling Project happened to be the tour guide the weekend we planned to be in town. I highly recommend this tour at Magnolia Plantation. All of the links are at the end of our pictures if you want to check any of it out. Here's a photo dump of our experience, and my vlog is linked at the end as well. 

Some helpful information regarding where we visited: Fort Sumter: https://www.nps.gov/fosu/index.htm From Slavery to Freedom Tour: https://www.magnoliaplantation.com/sl... Slave Dwelling Project: https://slavedwellingproject.org/

Friday, July 10, 2020

MY CLASS 2020!

 Brand new school year, same 'ol class! I love teaching these kiddos and it's been a joy to watch them grow year by year in our home. Here's my 2020-2021 homeschool class :) 

My name is: Bella
I am: 11 years old
The yummiest food is: Macaroni
The best show is: Dr. Pol
The best thing about school is: Handwriting
The coolest person on earth is: "Jesus...I don't want to judge people."
I'm super good at: Sewing and reading
My favorite color is: Teal
When I grow up I want to be: A veterinarian 
If I could do one thing all day: Swim
My best friend is: Olivia, Sophia, and Ariel
Jesus is: Loving
Three words that describe me: Bookworm, energetic, happy

My name is: Jesse
I am: 8
The yummiest food is: Corndogs
The best show is: Liberty's Kids
The best thing about school is: Poetry Tea Time
The coolest person on earth is: "Jesus, I don't like judging people..."
I'm super good at: Basketball
My favorite color is: Dark blue
When I grow up I want to be: A dog trainer
If I could do one thing all day: swim
My best friend is: Will and Joel
Jesus is: Loving, kind, and forgiving
Three words that describe me: Fun, silly, and kind

My name is: Eli
I am: 6 years old
The yummiest food is: Baby Bottle Pops
The best show is: Artemis Fowl 
The best thing about school is: Handwriting
The coolest person on earth is: God
I'm super good at: Playing and snuggling
My favorite color is: Orange
When I grow up I want to be: A fisherman
If I could do one thing all day: Snuggle my fox stuffed animals
My best friend is: Will, Asher, Joel, and Ronan
Jesus is: "Everything in us, our heart, the Holy Spirit, and He died for us."
Three words that describe me: "I'm obsessed with foxes, fun, and I like to read."

My name is: Annie
I am: 3 years old
The yummiest food is: Watermelon
The best show is: Mickey Mouse
The best thing about school is: Reading books
The coolest person on earth is: Jesse
I'm super good at: Cleaning
My favorite color is: Pink
When I grow up I want to be: A baker of muffins
If I could do one thing all day: Play with my toys
My best friend is: Emmy and Penelope
Jesus is: In our hearts
Three words that describe me: "I play with my toys, I love cleaning, I love pink, and I'm a big girl, and I want to go to Emmy's."

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Hey, friends! YouTube was giving me all sorts of problems with a video featuring a minor, so I decided to take it down and share it here! Isabella and I had so much fun filming this and I don't want my channel to be flagged because of it! Thanks for watching!

Monday, April 13, 2020


Happy Monday...do days of the week even matter anymore?! Today, I'm sharing a peek into my Wal-Mart order from last week, and I shared my SAMs haul from THIS week over on my channel. 

 As luck would have it, I didn't ACTUALLY have to type out my list, because I could just simply screenshot my order from last week. There are a few things here that I ordered to drop off at my parents house, like the KCups and some produce. So here ya go, this is what I got last week in my order (about 5 things were out of stock which I didn't include):

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


 Welcome, friends! Today I have some "small enough for a basket" alternatives to the candy and trinkets you can find in abundance this time of year! Each of these gifts will encourage nature play, educational play, or just plain old fashioned fun! 

First of all, here's what's in my kids baskets this year:

...and as promised, here are some additional ideas! These progress by age, you can click each photo to shop, hope it gets your Easter basket shopping off to a great start! 

PHEW! Okay, I hope that gave you a good start! Thanks for stopping by, and of course, check out Jessica's (from The Waldock Way) Easter Resources blog post HERE! 

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