Monday, November 23, 2015


Happy birthday my little man. Our family just wouldn't be the same without your BIG personality and gentle spirit. After a long day, you manage to keep your daddy smiling ear to ear, and your mommy's heart filled to the brim. You play loud and you LOVE even louder. You add to the laughter, the life, and the joy in our home. Your sister and brother would be missing a best friend and a perfect playmate had you never joined their crew! You know how to make us all laugh in the hard moments, the wrong moments, and the quiet moments. You broke down our parenting "fears" and taught us how to laugh about boogers. Your presence in our family is as bold and strong as your favorite game, "hulk smash". You will not be defined as the youngest of three, but as a leader of the pack. You have your brother and sister wrapped around your finger, and you won't take "no" for an answer...unless it's already YOUR answer! You are brave. You are a light. You are upbeat. You are eager. And are TWO, so I will soak up every "I snuggle butt", every "I wanna nuss", every "hold-a me mommy!", and every "come play-a me", because in each fleeting day, you are a little older than before, and as much as I want to, I just can't stop time.

Happy birthday buddy. "Best fwend". "Peepee head". "Eyi". We love you sweet guy.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three on Thursday: Hostess Gifts!

Happy Thursday! Some thoughtful traditions and gestures seem to slip through the cracks as time goes on, so lets talk hostess gifts today! Up until a couple of years ago, I have to admit, I was NOT always the best at remembering to bring a little something to a holiday get-together. Here are some of my favorite simple (read: cheap) things to give and receive as the holiday party season comes into full swing!

Family Gathering!
My mother in law bought me two sets of these gorgeous Queen's China Thanksgiving mugs last year and I couldn't have loved them more! As a matter of fact, I'm drinking some chamomile tea out of one right now! Everybody drinks SOMETHING, so you can never go wrong with a mug! I usually tuck in a single serve pouch of cocoa, or a small bag of coffee, also. The best part of a mug gift is that, when you really know someone like you know your own family, it's not difficult to find the PERFECT mug for their personality!

Girls Night In
This is my #1 go to gift for girls nights, birthdays, etc, and I think it would be the PERFECT hostess gift for your holiday events! Xo, G wine is a tube of four individual glasses of wine. It's packaged to gift on it's own, and...bonus - it's inexpensive, and available at Walmart! 
Neighborhood Gatherings
Neighbors are like extended family around here, and I LOVE them all. The problem? There are a lot of them, and we all like to get together now and again, which means that hostess gifts could add up FAST. You just can't go wrong with some baked goods! I love this recipe, because cranberries are appropriate for the entire Thanksgiving and Christmas season, AND this recipe can be baked in small loaf pans, popped in the freezer, and gift-giving ready as the need arises! There just isn't anything better than a made-from-scratch gift, is there? 

What is your go-to hostess gift? See you on Monday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift Guide 2015: Gifts for your Builder!

If you're anything like me, then you have a love/hate relationship with Christmas gifts! I HATE plastic toys with many little parts and batteries more than ANYTHING and yet cannot stop buying things like that for my kids! This year I am vowing to be more intentional with the gifts I purchase for the kids. We try to buy things that involve us - board games, crafts, toys that require interacting with others, etc.

My older son (4 yrs) is a big "builder". He loves legos, blocks, etc, but is brought to tears every time his creation falls down. Here are three gift ideas for your little builder that don't topple over when, say, a younger builder comes along ;)

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See you on Thursday!