Thursday, August 28, 2014

Creation Vacation pt 2!

So there's a good chance that the only reason we chose our destinations was because Savannah, GA was the halfway point. There's also a good chance that the sole purpose of that detour was to eat at The Lady and Sons. Again...there's a good chance that this is all this particular blog post is about...YUM, Y'all!
Seriously, though, The Lady and Son's (Paula Deen's first restaurant) tops mine and my husband's list of all time favorite restaurants. We stinking EAT when we go, also. Our kids are familiar with it, and were SO excited when the first thing we did upon arrival to Savannah was check in for our reservation here.

 We went in knowing that we were going to need a double order of fried green tomatoes, but what we didn't know was that Paula herself would be there that day. That woman knows what she is doing.

 My children...eyes bigger than their stomach's...

And me and my hubby...stomach's bigger than we would like... ;)

 And our sweet son, whose first solid food was officially a whole corn cake...

After lunch, daddy and the boys went off to explore and left my girlie and I to do some damage! Um...two stories of Paula merchandise?! Yes, please! She even wrote a note in Paula's journal - sidenote - Paula's Mississippi Mud Pie was the first recipe she read and executed on her own (with supervision), so she was excited to "tell" her!

Then the boys called us, my husband stumbled upon a park we visited on our first trip to Savannah when we were just a family of three. It was such a sweet moment to stand there as a family of five.

Here's a pic of my girl (who we were actually going to name Savannah up until the last minute, btw...) when she was a baby, and of all of the kids at the same fountain 5 years later...


 Sweet dreams! Next stop: Mountains!