Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day in the Life

So I saw that there is nothing better for a person than to enjoy their work, because that is their lot. For who can bring them to see what will happen after them?
Ecc 3:22

I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Seasons of life pass so quickly. I can barely remember what our days looked like when I was a mom of 2, now my third is almost 1! Can't wait to look back on my days with young ones and smile at the "day-to-day" moments that I miss!

So what does a day in the life of a homeschooling, stay at home, nursing, mom of 3 look like? Lets go back to last Tuesday...

Good morning! Yep, 4:11am. Started waking up this early to keep up with my earlybird husband whose idea of "sleeping in" is 6:30. Breakfast and checking the news.

4:39 - starting bread
4:43 - starting laundry
4:56 - general house pick up
5:03 - starting dishes

5:03 - watching a Francis Chan sermon while I finish dishes and wait for bread machine to finish
5:21 - bread in pan and begin yoga while I wait for it to rise
5:54 - Good morning sweet pea!
6:01 - Harley declared yoga was over. I honestly have to work out around him the whole time, he loves my mat :)

6:10 - finishing the sermon, planning school, killing time until...

6:16 - BREAD'S OUT!

6:20 - Watching her piano homework while I shower and get the day rolling

6:41 - My favorite part of every day - sunrise and time with Jesus


7:07 - planning the day
7:10 - Look who's up!
7:16 - They are dressed and ready to play outside
7:18 - I turn on Fox and Friends while I scramble eggs for their requested breakfast picnic. I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

7:45 - catch an intruder
7:57 - commotion wakes up the little guy
8:01 - Look! It's Buzz...again...for the third day in a row...wait, what's that smell?

8:12 - Fit #1 of the day because I have to wash the costume, I mean...uniform...

8:20 - Chores all around, and a nurse break

8:46 - Fit #2. This one landed him right back in bed.

8:48 - Piano practice

9:01 - Oh, hey, look...fit #3...
9:08 - Little man reports to his Ergo so that we can simultaneously start school and a croc pot dinner at the same time.

9:22 - cooking with a grabby baby on your back is full of fun spills and surprises...
9:29 - Today's weather report shows a house divided...what's new?

9:43 - Turn on a Michael W Smith concert, kids play legos, I start on our next project.
10:09 - I finally do her hair
10:26 - some 1st grade work

10:36 - he stole the iPad and isn't joining school, but he's not screaming, so I pretend I don't see him...

10:42 - start our Five in a Row lesson
10:56 - oh look...a fit.
11:14 - Veggie soup for the kids and some fuel for mama

11:32 - another round of dishes, and proof the I stress eat...

11:55 - Nurse break
12:34 - Another try at school for this one
12:45 - Gramma stopped by

 1:11 - time to start tilling for fall, discovered that we are going to squeeze in some more cucumbers and okra before I pull our summer plants.
2:10 - afternoon chores and yet another hungry baby
 3:06 - I'm the last man standing as far as chores go...
3:17 - time for an afternoon dip, and my opportunity to catch up on my studies
4:21 - Little one eating an after pool snack, an me making crusts for a dessert heading off to work with my husband tomorrow...
4:32 - making the pie filling
4:45 - YAY! Dishes again?!
4:58 - Done!
5:11 - Dinner is served
5:33 - Pies are out
5:48 - Daddy time!
5:53 - We needed to um...test it...
6:16 - dishes, dishes, dishes. love them, love them, love them.
6:20 - Monster's U for the kids, getting the baby ready for bed
6:58 - Yeah right - he's not going to sleep...
7:10 - lunches packed for tomorrow's school day
7:45 - Duck Dynasty with a couple of my (not sleepy) favorite boys while the other kids are reading in bed
8:12 - Bedtime! Yeah, seriously...although it was more like 9 by the time I actually got everything locked up and got in bed.
Oh look, more dishes for tomorrow...job security :) haha!