Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Woohoo! Here we go...

Beados! She has been playing with these during her quiet time (boys nap time) for a week straight, and has been LOVING them! And I love how entertained they keep her :)

Haha! I have slowly become THAT mom, capping off my fate by purchasing essential oils, but for REAL, y'all...they're amazing!

Check them out here:

Love our mamas helper, and that I get to just be a spectator in their dance and circus acts! With a husband who works until 9 at night sometimes, I rarely get to just sit and enjoy the kids come evening time. Last night was one of those small moments!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am currently wrapped up in the Taya and Chris Kyle story, so you have to know that the movie is one of my FAVORITES this week!

Last but not least, this week was teacher appreciation week, so here's to all you homeschool mamas!

 Happy Mother's Day to ALL ladies out there! We were all created with God's loving heart for others, and because of that, we should all be celebrated on Sunday! 


  1. Beados are now on my list for purchase for the summer! How cute are those. Wow, hubby works til 9? I get that! I thought I was alone in that one. Glad you had some time to just sit down and enjoy those babies. I hope your Mother's Day is fantastic pretty lady! (I'm interested in homeschooling, have any info to shoot my way?) xo Amanda

  2. American Sniper is SO good! Hard movie to watch in many ways, but amazing! Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad you got some down time with your kiddos! And Ryan just amazing....just sayin.

  4. Ohhh.....I think I need those Beados for my girls!!!
    Have a great mothers day!!