Friday, March 1, 2013

Little B and Her Tea

Last year my sweet girl announced that she wanted a "Butterfly Garden Tea Party", mind you, this was the DAY after her 3rd birthday "Cars Party" (that post can be found HERE). Well, her plan stuck around a full year - here are the photos to prove it!

I snuck bags of sleepytime tea in each girl's basket as a pre-"I'm sorry that your children at sugar cubes like popcorn" gesture. Butterfly confetti can be found HERE.

The girls (and the self-proclaimed "Prince for all the princesses") painted butterfly sun catchers and enjoyed a spot of the guests all arrived.

They all ordered spaghetti, which is apparently tough to master at four...

Then we played "Pin the Teacup Under the Teapot" - I know, it needs a more creative name, but it was my answer to her last minute plea to play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

And of COURSE we ate some cupcakes and opened gifts! The edible butterflies can be purchased HERE.

 We were graciously hosted by a beautiful "Locally Grown" restaurant with plenty of room for the kiddos to run wild

And after 4 years I finally remembered to get my very first photo with the birthday girl!

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  1. This makes me super excited for when O is a little older!!