Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Lunch Ideas

Lunch is such a dreaded meal for me! When the kids are in the house with me, they want something cooked, and usually by lunchtime I still haven't done breakfast dishes. In an effort to make lunch more fun a few years ago (wow, time flies) we purchased some compartment storage containers, fun cookie cutters, toothpics, etc., and after our favorite ziploc containers were discontinued, we invested in these:

During the "school year" we do lunch out on Wednesdays and Fridays, since we are already out in town for the day. We have a lot of great local restaurants, and over the years they have gotten to know the kids and I so well that unless we are doing something different, we don't even have to "place" our order, they know what we like! On the other days, we try to eat in an out of the box style. Picnics on the floor, eating at the swingset, bringing lunch to Gram's house, basically anything that keeps me from having to wash a table and cookware. On those days, and on ALL summer days, I pack a fun lunch the night before, and we are good to go to the beach, pool, park, anywhere!

Here are some of the meals we have eaten in the past few weeks, and yes, we eat it cold, and they have never complained:

Whole wheat crackers, cheese slice, salt and vinegar green beans, and a PB apple sandwich

 Leftover whole wheat pizza, fruit, tortilla chips, and homemade guacamole

2 PB and apple sandwiches, a larabar (their favorite), cheese, and greenwise crackers 

Leftover pulled chicken, a mini cornbread muffin, and veggie dippers and homemade ranch 

Whole wheat waffle PB&J, hard boiled egg, and frozen berries 

Clif granola bar, pizza roll ups (ww tortilla, sauce, cheese, microwave 10 seconds, roll, and cut), veggies, and pretzels/m&ms dessert 

Ham and cheese skewers , fruit, annies bunnies/goldfish 

Cheese, leftover whole wheat alfredo and peas, red bell pepper (one of the only veggies that doesn't require bribery to eat), ranch to dip

Hope this helps bring some fresh inspiration to some of you! I would LOVE some new ideas from all of you! I'm already in the summer rut and it has barely begun!

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