Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beach Day Hair!

Who is ready for some summer fun? Who doesn't want to wash salt tangled hair just to head back the the beach the next morning? Here's my solution.

My aunt used to do my cousin and my hair this way when we were little, and now, I get compliments on her hair every single time I do it this way. This is our go to theme park, beach trip, or just plain summer time hair style! It's great because it lasts a couple of days and all that needs to be re-done are the pigtails at the bottom! 

Step 1 - Start with CLEAN brushed hair, then divide a small section straight across the top. 

Step 2 - Divide that top section into three even sections and rubberband each one.

Step 3 - Divide another section of hair - I usually do ear tip straight across to the other ear tip

Step 4 - Divide THAT section into FOUR chunks. As you section off each chunk with a rubberband, split the ponytail above it into two, and pick up one of each section above it (see photo below).

Step 5 - - Section off another piece of hair, this time dividing again into THREE sections

Step 6 - Repeat the step above, but this time only split the two ponytails in the center. Incorporate the ENTIRE ponytails next to either ear into the rubberband directly below it (see photo below). 

Step 7 - Divide remaining hair into two pigtails and repeat the process above. 



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