Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'll be back on the first of the year! Until then, for recipes, homeschooling, and homemaking ideas, follow us on YouTube!


  1. I will be sad if you are not blogging anymore....:(

    1. Hey Cara! My blog is temporarily set to private until I can comb through old posts and remove the ones with personal information! This started as a family blog to show photos to my family and friends back home, and slowly morphed into a fun way to share with other moms over the last four years. However, when I see the amount of traffic coming through, I am not comfortable with people that I don't know having access to those beginning posts and photos that share information such as where I live, etc! So with this being such a busy season, I am going to share solely on our YouTube channel (which is a totally fun way to share, btw!) until I have the time to nitpick back through the years! Probably sometime beginning in January!

  2. Got it, and I totally get where you are coming from...