Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Story Has Just Begun!

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Here are the crafts we have used:

Day 2: Watercolor resist (draw the "spirit" in white crayon, paint the "Sky" in watercolor, and allow the white to shine through)

Day 4: (see video at 5:35 to see how to do this one!)
Day 5: Bandaids! 
Day 7: Kissy lips, valentines conversation hearts, etc. Anything that represents words of human praise

Day 8: Footprints
Day 9: Bread recipe card
Day 10: Dried flowers
Day 11: Coin rubbing
Day 12: Handprints to represent "Blood on hands" of crowd

Day 14: Rocks, ripping, etc to represent earthquake
Day 15: Linen, gauze, etc to represent burial process

Day 18: Self portrait! The story isn't over yet!!!

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  1. Hand made crafts have always been in the trend since they reflect the love and care of the person who makes them. This lasy is definitely going places with her creative artisitc crafts.