Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Story Has Just Begun!

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Here are the crafts we have used:

Day 2: Watercolor resist (draw the "spirit" in white crayon, paint the "Sky" in watercolor, and allow the white to shine through)

Day 4: (see video at 5:35 to see how to do this one!)
Day 5: Bandaids! 
Day 7: Kissy lips, valentines conversation hearts, etc. Anything that represents words of human praise

Day 8: Footprints
Day 9: Bread recipe card
Day 10: Dried flowers
Day 11: Coin rubbing
Day 12: Handprints to represent "Blood on hands" of crowd

Day 14: Rocks, ripping, etc to represent earthquake
Day 15: Linen, gauze, etc to represent burial process

Day 18: Self portrait! The story isn't over yet!!!

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