Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our School Room

Here's a peek into our current school room. It is ever changing, so I could probably do one of these posts every month, but this is what's workin' for us now!

Our school room is in the room off of our pool and patio area - I'm sure this was built to be a second living room/family room type of area. It has, over the last couple of years, turned into the room of random furniture, toys, and decor. It's basically the "kids living room" because it's the only room other than the dining room we allow food and toys, but the little corner to the right works as our school area.

This little area holds all of our posters, crayon boxes, curriculum, and current read alouds. The idea for the poster bar came from Kristin over at Love, Teach, Play. It is a curtain rod with binder rings holding the posters, and keeps the room from being crazy cluttered. 

The drawer holds our pointers, crayon boxes, notebooks, and things we don't want little hands to get to. Although a little hand snuck into this picture :)

 These shelves hold all of our daily supplies - the top shelf holds math manipulatives, expo markers, scissors, staples, etc., and the bottom shelf is where I keep blocks, learning games, rewards, and electronics. Hanging below the shelf are their contribution (chore) lists (another post for another day) and a three clip clipboard that holds work for them to show Daddy when he comes home.  

I also have two special photos hanging on the top shelf. The one on the left is a thumbprint canvas made by my girlfriends at my baby shower for #3. Most of my friends are fellow homeschoolers and I keep it in the room as a reminder that "we're all in this together". It's nice to feel support and love from good deep rooted friendships. On the right is Philippians 4:8 which serves as a reminder of what should be in my mind and out of my mouth as I raise up these little children of God. 

Also, above the couch in the school room we have the lyrics to "Prayer for the Home" by Fernando Ortega. That song is what I hum when I need a boost and reminder of the importance and comfort of a home and being a home maker. I also have a painting of Jesus and children that was passed on to me by my mom, and again, it serves as a reminder of WHOSE children I am teaching.

Not shown is an office area in my bedroom where I keep our laminator, printer, planners, etc. and our massive storage in the garage that holds every bit and piece of everything we have needed or may need in the future, haha! 

That's my little homeschool area - once the kids are older, things will look more streamlined and less BRIGHT and COLORFUL, but for now, my family room is half cozy, half preschool! 

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  1. I like how everything has its place and organized. Just the way I like my classroom. It is cozy and inviting. From the link up at momfessionals.