Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three on Thursday: Snacks

We're big on snacks around here, and with school starting for us this upcoming week, I though a snacks post would be appropriate! Here's what we do to keep our kids on a healthy track with homeschooling and snack access:

1. Fruit and Veggies - this is obvious, right? I pre-portion fruits and veggies and do not limit their intake. They know that at any given moment they may take a banana or a bag of carrots and I won't say no. This has never caused us issue, and they always eat their dinner. It's a major bonus that my kids like bell peppers and raw veggies, but the extra fruit sugar has never caused any tummy upsets.

2. Kids snack jar - in the summer I barely regulated the kids jar. They know the rules, one (maybe two) per day. Once school is in swing, I allow them to grab a mid morning snack from the jar and I don't tell them what they can have. Generally the snacks aren't "bad" (bags of pretzels, popcorn, etc.) but every now and then I'll throw some (non food dye) fruit snacks or bags of sweets in the jar and they're happy campers. If I limit them, they'll only want it more, and once a day seems just fine.

3. Adult/kids granola bars - I have two granola bar jars - one for them, one for us. The difference? Cost! My husband and I really like granola bars that aren't necessarily the cheapest! It bothers me when they grab one and throw it away half eaten. I fill their jar with Z Bars and Annie's granola and they're either going to finish it, or let a sibling finish it. Granola bars are their pre-breakfast (if I'm having a lazy morning) or a bedtime snack. They could eat one every day if I let them and never complain!

What do you do in your home when it comes to snacking? It's taken us awhile to get into a good swing here. Personally, I could snack all day every day, and they're just the same!

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