Thursday, June 25, 2015

Three on Thursday - Vacations

Who doesn't love to vacation? We LOVE to travel, even if it's just an hour away from home. The slightest change of scenery can make all the difference in a busy household. There are lots of different types of trips, but to classify "vacation" in our little family, it's just US. We love love love to travel with family and to see family, but today I'm talking about new adventures with my husband and my kiddos... so here's my Three on Thursday - vacation style!

1. Growing up I traveled a LOT. We would make simple trips across the country when I was very young, and then as I got older those "small" adventures turned into larger scale trips to Europe, Africa, South America...and of course Disney World! Haha. My favorite form of education is exposure and travel. If there's one thing my husband and I have learned in life, it's GET OUT OF YOUR ZONE. And so you better believe my kids will be gettin' out of here as they get older. For now, we're OK with Magic Kingdom, but my husband and I just can't wait to take them overseas.

2. There's just no better family time than cooping up in a house somewhere new. We love to rent in places we've never been, lean on each other as we explore, and if the area turns into a big flop (which hasn't quite happened to us yet) then there's always concentrated family time, which is the best kind of plan B! And to be honest, our favorite trips always end up to be the simple ones that involve ordering a pizza and watching a late night movie after the day's activities. 

3. There really is a vacation for every budget! You'd be surprised at how many nice 3 or 4 day getaways you can get for under $1000. My husband has to use some of his vacation time annually for home maintenance, mental clarity, and...lets face it...binge watching 24. For the rest of his time, taking at least one major trip is priority in our family, however, taking an EXTRAVAGANT trip year after year is not our priority. Sometimes it's a simple trip somewhere in state, sometimes it's a "big" trip to multiple states with stops in between. In the future, I envision plane trips to be much easier than they've been in the past, but for now, we're a road trippin' bunch. 

So tell me - what's your favorite way to travel? Do you like to "go big or go home", or do you prefer a simple and relaxing trip? 

My answer - I just like being anywhere with these people!


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