Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: Homeschool Edition

It's Friday!  It's time to link up with AndreaErika, and NarciWhen I pick my kids up from VBS today, I am going to soak up every minute with them! This was the first week that I spent without them running through my house every day, and I am just not OK with that. My house was too quiet, this home was too clean, and all I could think all week was that there were just too many moments spent apart. However if you ask them, they never want to come home, they had way too much fun!

While the kiddos were away this week, I got our portfolio all squared away. Now that the school year is over and planning for a new one has begun, I figured now would be the best time to do a Friday Favorites: Homeschool Edition, recapping my favorite moments in our homeschooling days this past year. 

Lets face it, this is all one big giant "Favorite" post. Homeschooling is favorite! :)

I wasn't sure what school with the littlest guy would look like, but having him in the mix certainly brought some of the best moments...

And many "Jesus help me" moments...

I hope we always continue our Friday ice cream dates. They were my favorite way to end the week with my three little loves. To my kids it was a fun treat that meant no more school work, to me it was my last chance to soak in the time I got alone with them before my husband was home for the weekend. I love the memories that happened around the Friday ice cream table!

Sometimes our school days looked like this...

Sometimes they looked like this...

And many times they looked like this...

School with friends was a favorite

Holiday parties were a favorite

And rainy day "recess" was a favorite...

I loved waking up to my favorite "school bell"

Watching shop class in session

And calling Starbucks our mascot :)

Some of my favorite "school" memories are because of many great "groups" that we had the opportunity to be a part of. Co-op, 4H, piano, riding lessons, bible studies, sports...

The last memory my kids will have of their time with their Momo was her regularly coming to watch them do school when she was having a bad day,  and the fact that they were available to make her smile, is one of my absolute favorites!

The simple and quiet moments were some of my favorite moments this year.

And the "in the kitchen" moments are without a doubt my top favorite part of our homeschool year.

See now, the PLANNING of another year is NOT my favorite. That's why I'm stalling and reminiscing on this past year. Although I can't wait to see what lies ahead and what next year's homeschool favorites post looks like! 

Happy weekend!


  1. Looks like you all had a busy, fun and exciting school year. I love all of the hands-on activities that you all did. Have a great day!

  2. Looks like you guys have a blast I love it :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

    1. I just hope they have as much fun as I do :) happy weekend, girl!

  3. Such a fun post! Looks like you've got some very active and involved kiddos. Treasure these moments, they grow up so fast!

    Happy weekend!

  4. What an amazing year you had, you can tell fun was had by all!

    1. Thanks Amy! We definitely enjoyed our year :) Happy Friday!

  5. Visiting from Momfessionals

    ice cream dates are the best! Of course it usually means ice cream is on me and Sophie and the earth. Your kids are just too cute. Have a great weekend!

    liz @ sundays with sophie