Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - "Night of the Moonjellies"

This week we ROWed "Night of the Moonjellies" by Mark Shasha. Since we live by the ocean it was a fun filled hands on week! We did school at the beach (didn't attempt photos with two littles at the beach alone!!!), visited an aquarium, and set up a diner!

We used the graphing and patterning pages from the {girly} Sea Preschool Pack, and did the Hamburger Book, Responsibility Book, and the Life by the Sea Book .

For art we learned about "Medium" and painted a jellyfish with paint and oil pastel.

We watched our fake moonjellies glow in the dark:
And invited Gram and Gramp over for a homemade Mar-Gra's diner lunch

OK, not so homemade :)
On Friday we visited the local aquarium and saw some REAL moonjellies! They even let us feed them some teeny tiny brine shrimp!

And, well, it's not a normal January in Florida unless we're spending some time in the sprinkler with cousin JoJo!



  1. Great week! I like all the hands on activities wrapped up in learning.

  2. Oh I am so jealous of that sprinkler. LOL. Right now in Michigan it is only 13 degrees!

    Love the art work!

    Thank you for sharing.