Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - "The Story About Ping"

This week we rowed (F.I.A.R.) "The Story About Ping", with the help of "Delightful Learning", here's a little sneak peek into our highlights:
I printed this page from homeschool share - she had to count up to 42 (the number of Ping's cousins) and was surprisingly patient as she colored each one. Then I had her count her cousins, uncles, etc.

We went heavy on the experiments this week:
We talked about how ducks float by filling themselves with air - then we tested the theory on other household items!
Oil/Water (Preening)
We read "Ducks Don't Get Wet" and tried our best to make oil and water mix! Then we painted one paper bag with oil, left one plain, and used an old "snot sucker" to drop water on the bags. She loved this one!
5 Senses
In the book, Ping eats rice cakes, so I bought a bunch of different flavors and B guessed what flavor each was by using her senses. We tried chocolate, vanilla, onion, cheese, and blueberry.

 Venn Diagram
The two books ("Ping" and "Ducks Don't Get Wet") highlighted the eating habits of different types of ducks, and we made a venn diagram showcasing some of what we learned

 We had some sensory fun painting with feathers this week. Little J went to town, and I gave B a page to try to re create. I think she did a pretty darn good job capturing the sunset's reflection on the water...she was, after all, only using feathers :)


The story is set in China, so we studied and "built" the Great Wall of China (Sesame Street has a great episode on it, too!!! Haha), enjoyed a Chinese lunch with some friends, and did a "Year of the Snake" craft.

We played "Pass the Baby", too, which had absolutely nothing to do with our lesson :)



  1. We're going "Ping" this spring! I love the activites you did to go along with it.