Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday, and this one is going to be short and sweet, because I really only have one thing on my mind right now:

It's time to link up with AndreaErika, and Narci!

I KNOW it's August 21. I know. I know. But we are involved in so many activities that by October I am planning and decorating and prepping and fundraising for Christmas, so I have to plan AHEAD. And by "planning ahead" I mean "buying cute things for my kids to wear" because what else can you do in August? Haha. Here are a few things that I ordered this past week, and if I were you, I'd jump on a deal before it's too late!

How CUTE it this candy corn dress? I can't wait to see my girl in this!

And how can you say "no" to this polka dot pumpkin dress?

And this Tribal Pumpkin Ruffle Pant set was just too cute to pass up!

Halloween gymmies are seriously my weakness, and I love that these aren't ORANGE or creepy. That's hard to find.

And woohoo! BOGO on Yankee Candles.

Don't miss this! Fall hand soaps are only 5 for $18 at Bath and Body Works! We host a lot of dinners and parties in the fall, and even still, these last me more than one season. Just pack away in a ziploc if you want to put them away after fall (I don't mind smelling like apples into winter).

And I know that this one is WAY out there and ahead of schedule, but I love stopping at the school supply clearance once school goes back to start collecting things for our favorite little trick-or-treaters' (you know, the neighbor kids and cousins, etc.) gift bags like crayons, markers, and cute pencils. It's also a GREAT time to start pulling gifts for an Angel Tree child. We generally choose an "older" child (6-10) and do a boy AND a girl so that all of my kids can give their input. The backpacks, accessories, and electronics make for great additions to their wish lists. 

Happy weekend!

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  1. Ha! I like the way you think! (about the buying cute things) I can't believe how great the prices are on those girls dresses w/accessories too!