Friday, July 24, 2015

A SUPER 4th!

I'm skipping Friday Favorites this week to share all about my big boy's FOURTH birthday party! We kept it super simple this year, did a family only (we let him choose one friend) party and ate lunch, swam, and had cake. I'll tell ya...these are my favorite kinds of parties! 

Prepping the night before is always my favorite part!

 He originally wanted a "camo" party, which changed to a superhero party last week when we were at SAMs Club (they had superhero costumes on display for Halloween) 

Nobody was exempt from the costume rule! I wish I had a picture of my mom's wings!!! She was so cute!

Harley was super excited! And yes, we know the whole DC/Marvel thing, but we went with what the birthday boy said.

Everyone colored their own comic book while they waited for the crew to arrive

And Batman and Batgirl decided that they now HAVE to marry because...hello?! They match.

Oh my goodness - favorite part of the party! My nephew (Captain America) decided to use his shield instead of the pinata stick! LOVE LOVE LOVE this precious age that the boys in my family are approaching! They're not dressed up...they ARE superheroes! 

So I grew up on the Illinois/Wisconsin line. My birthday is in October. For this reason, the majority of birthday party pinatas were done inside. Something about an outdoor pinata is just so darn exciting to me!!!

Swimming (because he made everyone wear costumes in JULY!)

Typical birthday boy move - too excited to eat his lunch, but NOT above a slice of cake!

After everyone left we sat with him while he opened his gifts...and then passed out!

 Four! Oh, my goodness sweet boy. Four. 


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