Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites!


Matching! I am a big fan! Whether it's my boys, my girlie and I, or my husband (just kidding, ain't no way...). I find most everything at Gymboree, and the boys both have light and dark Wranglers to wear with any TShirt. Here are some of my favorite outfits:

Matching, in my book, is not just about the cute look, but the safety aspect. I order my boys identical outfits, very rarely do I order the same shirts in different colors. There's no denying that a 3 year old and a 18 month old make a tough combo for a mama! Twice this year, one of my boys has run off in a public place (once at the fair, once at an indoor amusement park birthday party) and in my panicked tear filled explanation, the best I could do was to pick up the non-missing boy and say "he is wearing THIS!". Both times that was what helped instantly. Here are some links for ya...

Gymboree shirt and romper

Guy Harvey shirts - only $10!

People, THIS is a deal! Good Luck Trunk currently has a ton left from Matilda Jane's Fall line, including the dresses you see my daughter and I wearing up top. Now I know to wait a season to purchase! 

HERE is the dress I am wearing in our Easter pics, although they are sold out of the matching girl dresses. However, my local Gymboree is still carrying them. ALWAYS go up a size when ordering Gymboree adult sizes. They also come out with a matching adult/kid line at Christmas!

Have you checked out Java with Juli? Juli Slattery is one of my favorite authors, and she happens to be coming to my town this month to speak. I ran into the lady who is hosting her and she invited me to dinner with her the night prior to her speaking engagement. I flipped out, people. I literally screeched, accepted the invite, and shed a couple of very real tears. Check out her podcasts, they're the perfect listen for laundry folding, dish doing, etc. and have totally opened my eyes to a ton of issues moms and wives face today.

My boys got these from my mom for Easter and they are in LOVE. Pretty sure my littlest dude is just pumped to have "SOOS" he can put on himself, and of course my big boy is just in that Spidey stage, but moms - these are lighter than crocs (if that's even possible) and the backs aren't movable, which is a toddler plus. Check them out HERE.

These are the best and only $3.99!!!!!
 I have two copies of each, one for the car, one for the house. We play a lot of the "action bible songs" during the daytime, and they hymns and sunday school songs to wind down. I (really) have one constantly on in our family room, sometimes low, sometimes loud. I like the little bible songs for them AND for myself - and come on - you really can't beat $3.99 AND free shipping!

I just found out that this existed, ordered it right away, and have had a lot of fun cooking with my girly! I'm sure I'll be doing a review soon enough, but until then, check it out for yourself! Click the photo to order. 

And here's what made my heart super-smile this week!
He finally said "I love you"!

Happy weekend, y'all! Here's a little something to help you through when Monday rolls around! 

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  1. The matching is too cute! I do it occasionally but generally I find it requires some effort to find matching things for my boys since one is in the toddler section and the other is in the boys section now. But they did match for Easter!

    1. I feel your pain! We are transitioning towards that stage, too :(

  2. Love matching! I can’t wait to have kids so I can match them/they match each other. For now I like to match with my husband haha luckily he goes along with it!

  3. That video is so sweet! I can't wait until my son is old enough to say I love you!

  4. I love my baby and me matching!!! My husband not so much :( He will get better I hope
    Happy Friday Chelsea @

  5. I definitely agree with the matching! I have 3 girls, so matching them is so much fun! Especially on Sundays!

  6. So sweet that he said I love you! I am going to check out the Action Bible Songs. Please come link up with me

  7. One of my favorites is matching too!! I love matching kids! :)

  8. Nice picks. I remember matching my girls when they were little. Then came the magical day when they said, "no more matching mom." Individual personalities came out. Enjoy while you can.