Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Celebrated Dancing Bear

A couple weeks ago we rowed "Another Celebrated Dancing Bear", here are some of our highlights from the week

We started out the week at our friend's house, where she organized a Beef Stroganoff lunch for the kids, a carving art project to go along with the book's illustrations, and had the kids make Russian Tea Cakes.

At my house, I dug into my husband's old photo album (he lived in Russia the summer after his senior year of high school) and had the kids do an art project while they learned about architecture in Moscow (found the pattern in the back of my FIAR manual)

Then I tried to do a Faberge Egg project using a cut up silk tie. I thought this was the PERFECT opportunity to go through my husbands extensive tie collection. I found one just bold enough to dye an egg, yet subtle enough that he wouldn't notice it missing. Then I saw this:

Needless to say, I panicked, realized I know nothing about the value of a tie, checked my Macy's account to make sure he left some room for me to shop, too, and dug out an Easter egg dying kit - behold, the homeschooler's Faberge Egg :)

Next the kids had a snack and learned about bears and hibernation. 

I froze some fruit to give them a sense of why bears cannot find food in the winter (smell), and then did a project using loads of Vaseline to represent fat and its protection against harsh weather conditions. 

This was our last FIAR before summer, we are actually only working on phonics now until next school year, so until then, have a great summer, homeschoolers! 

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