Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - "The Glorious Flight"

This week we ROWed "The Glorious Flight"

My friend taught on Monday (I don't have photos) and we built our own cardboard box planes, made an airplane snack out of a banana, and found France and England on a map.

Wednesday we rowed at home, where we learned about propulsion using a balloon, yarn, and a straw, we baked some French bread and churned our own butter. We also learned a little about scale and angle as we did an art project imagining our neighborhood from a planes perspective. We wrapped it all up with a field trip to "Missionary Flights International" with our homeschool group.

 Eating popcorn and watching a show about planes while we waited for our field trip!

And as far as tot school went this didnt :) Baby J marched to the beat of his own drum this week!!!

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  1. Love the pictures!!!!

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