Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Folio Friday...Tuesday

Two weeks from today we begin what I consider the biggest milestone in my child's life thus far :


WooHoo! This one totally TOPS potty training, toddler bed sleeping, and somersaulting! We are moving on SATs! OK, maybe just letter recognition and sight words, but when you multiply the speed at which time is flying by the days of the year, add in the hours of sleep we get each night, divide by "my mom is so embarrassing", and throw in Taylor Hanson for kicks, Prom will be here before we know it.

Moving on.

Up until just a couple of months ago, I was so dead set on sending sweet thing to a certain school. I just KNEW it was right for her. I even went so far as completing an application and laying down some cash.

And then I came to my senses. While I consider this to be the only institution in this town worth considering, it just wasn't right for my kid this year.

Sidenote - that does not mean that it won't be right next year. I am ultimately not God and He likes to shake my over planned ways sometimes, and so He and I have come to an agreement - we will take it YEAR by YEAR. I have stomped my feet, given the silent treatment, and possibly even stuck out my tongue, and God will STILL not tell me what the next year holds. UGH!

Back to what I was saying - I was just SO sure that this was the school for us. Every child who walks out of their doors, in their hallway, or around Target in their uniform is beyond polite, incredibly intelligent, and firm in their faith . . . and their Spanish. I think that's important, too . . .

Anyway, my husband and I made a few visits to said school. The first was an open house in March. The second was a private tour, and the third was a class observation with my daughter. Each time my heart sank lower and lower until we could no longer ignore the fact that this wasn't the right fit. Honestly, I should have just packed up and moved on, but I can't say that my ultimate desire at that time was finding the right school for her, but rather finding the best bang for our buck. I hate to admit that. But I just did. OK, doing good here. This blog is bringing out the best in me. . .

I spent some of this Summer in shock and a little distress trying to gather what our plan was. Homeschooling had always been our "If we think the school is too costly" option (uh, and, this just in : turns out that homeschooling isn't the frugal route! ) but through prayer, it slowly but surely rose to the top of both of our lists. If you had asked us in January what we thought of homeschooling, my husband would have said "Home schooled kids are socially awkward and bad at sports", and I would have said "children need the social challenge to succeed in school. Competition is key." This is very embarrassing to re-read, by the way.

God always knows best though, doesn't He? I watch all of my friends sending their kids to school this week, and think "Wow, would she have been ready right now?" I see the excitement building in both her and I  as we prepare her homeschooling room downstairs. I think every mother has some regrets about how she adapted to her first born once they have another, and I see this time of just her and I being a healing time for my heart. I see it uniting some family members as we approach this "milestone" in her life, as we all come together and prepare her and I, and get excited for her.

I am looking forward to the days ahead - to sharing some of what we learn. I am glad that I finally get to use my degree in Education for at least one "student", and I hope that you can "learn" from us here as well! As we embark on this little journey, please come along with us and share your ideas. I am going to dedicate Fridays to home school related posts, starting with our first 'Folio Friday this week, documenting all of our prep work.

Lord, provide us with the right materials, the right mentors, and the right attitudes. Thank you for guiding us along the way.

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