Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wal-Mart and Mr. Mom...

Yesterday I should have been nominated for "Wife of the Year". Since this went unnoticed by my husband, I'll personally submit my official nomination here.

Top two reasons I should be wife of the year:

1. I was dragged, without a SINGLE complaint (although I was pretty focused on the chocolate he gave me as distraction), through every hardware store this town has to offer. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but let me elaborate a little more. First off, it was DATE NIGHT. Secondly, anyone who knows me even the least, knows that there are 3 stores I will not step foot into:
  • Wal-mart (For obvious reasons, but mostly the smelly, hard linoleum floors, poor product selection, rotten meat smell, and the fact that if there's a single store in which a man will cut a woman in line - it's Wal-mart!)
  • JCPenny's and Sears, and all similar department stores (I'm pretty down to earth, but the mildew carpet, poor air-conditioning, and overwhelming flourescent lighting produces a migraine and nausea without fail every time)
  • and finally - HARDWARE STORES (they're hot, they make my feet hurt, and there's nothing in the store that I want to buy - even their magazine selection sucks!)
2. (As if point #1 wasn't enough!) I am forcing my husband to golf more. Can I get an "Amen" from the dad's with toddlers out there? Women who are confused - it really does benefit me more than him :)

See, my husband's schedule is a little wacky, he is home mid-day, every day. Because of this, he subconsciously takes responsibility for household chores. Good, right? NO! I'm pretty old school, so I believe that that is my God-given role in our home. I also want to know exactly where the baby's snacks are at any given time, without having to call my husband, who apparently enjoys re-arranging the kitchen. I live for the look of wonder when he walks in the door at night and the kids are down, hot dinner's ready, and the floors are spotless- I have to get the man out of the house before he discovers my tricks! And the most important point ladies - daily golf for him means that he can't complain when I declare it time for my bi-monthly mani/pedi!

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