Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mommy Confessions

So I'm sitting at my computer desk in PJs and Jessica Simpson's spring heels.

No, I don't wear heels to bed.

It's because I just mopped my floors...DUH!

Still don't get it? That's ok. You will at the end of this post.

***This post is a shout out to all you mamas out there who once thought you were alone in your quirky mom habits***

I have had a few interactions this week that have prompted me to reveal my top ten hidden mommy secrets and see who can relate!!! Here we go -

1. Lets start with the creepiest - have any of you seen those "pudding face" commercials? That's me with new household cleaners. I get unnaturally excited when I get a  new scented laundry detergent or floor cleaner, and I know for a fact that I am not the only one out there. A recent text message conversation from the other night included phrases such as:

  • "I thought tide pods were going to kill me. I washed two shirts at a time just so I could smell them"
  • "I'm addicted to Apple Mango Tango Laundry detergent"
  • "My new mop is so pretty" (followed by a photo of the mop)
2. I watch QVC. Not because I love their products (although I do rack up a good bill every now and again), but because sometimes, after The View, it's the only show on TV that's live. As a mother of two small kids, hearing a live program every now and again masks the effects of days without adult communication.

3. I feel like a rockstar going to the grocery store alone. I put on makeup, stop and read product descriptions, and have the opportunity to buy more produce than the regular banana, apple, broccoli combos. Once again, insert "pudding face".

4. I google search for holidays I may be missing. I love a good reason to cook a themed dinner, wear a different dress, and party it up at craft time with the kiddos. On our current party list: A cinco de Mayo fiesta, Mother's Day tea party (featuring Barbie herself), and a Memorial Day indoor campout. I am also currently on a Christmas kick and have started a present stash. I even used peppermint creamer today to really amp it up. I'm wild.

5. Sometimes I catch myself running low on sappy moments (the good 'ol Lifetime Movie Network stuff) so I YouTube videos of pregnancy announcements and soldier homecomings to get a good mid-day cry. The "We're Going to Disney World" announcements are cute, too, which brings me to my next point:

6. I am an over itiner-ized, organizing, planning, reservations made, Disney World freak. No, I do not like Disney theme parks or classic Disney movies. However, I do love the Disney Resorts and "Everything Else in the World" as they say. Hence, the THREE trips I have planned between next week and October. The overplanning happens by accident and is a result of me neglecting the importance of the dishes downstairs and escaping to the Disney Website where I can now reserve character breakfasts, dinner shows, and spa treatments six months in advance.

7. I love flowers. No, not the confessional of point 7. The problem here is that my husband is a work-a-holic and is never in the outside world when the florists are open. Here's my point - I currently oversubscribe to monthly sample companies. Birchbox, eco emi, and (my newest discovery) Bluum Box are all like little wrapped presents each month. I do not plan on purchasing any of the product I recieve, but I do, however, plan on skipping to the mailbox each week to see what I have gifted to myself :)

8. I track packages like I'm waiting for my puppy to come home. I am a pro at maneuvering the UPS and USPS websites. I know, I know...I'm just too cool.

9. I secretly love when I open the dryer and it didn't do it's job. Damp clothes means 40 minutes of being clothes folding free!

10. I'm bringing this back full circle to the start of all of this. I love to turn up the radio (Christmas music, in case you missed point number 4), throw on a pair of heels, and take it away with my mop. My mop and I dance, clean, and create magic here in my own home. Plus, everyone knows that heels track less water across the floor...

I want to hear some feedback on this one. What are some of your deepest mommy secrets??

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