Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three on Thursday: Life Verses

So I've heard so much talk about "life verses" lately that I thought I would share a few of mine. The thing that bothers me about this whole idea, however, is that as long as God is my LIFE, then all of the verses should be my life verses, right? But for fun, here are the three verses I tend to reference more than others, and a little bit about why I love them - my "This-Season-in-My-Life Verses", if you will. These are not the verses I turn to when I need direction in parenting or when I feel I have missed the mark. These are the verses that feed my soul when the weight of motherhood seems to much to bear, the verses I privately repeat to myself before I fall deep into believing that "I" should fix something. These verses are written on my heart right now, in this chaotic, beautiful, self-denying season that is motherhood:

1. Ecclesiastes 8:15
This is by far my go-to verse for this season. I read through Ecclesiastes last summer and it about had me clapping in my kitchen a few times. This verse means so much to me. It means that when I feel like I'm not doing enough, or that I'm not challenged enough, or when homeschooling is TOO MUCH, or when the sight of yet another load of dishes or laundry has me feeling unseen or lonely...well, this is the one I repeat to myself.

2. Psalm 143:8
I love all of Psalm 143, but this verse in particular reminds me of the refreshing love that God is. Like a beautiful sunrise, His love is consistent and unfailing and I can trust in Him to be there with each bad-mommy moment, each day that I am "too busy", and each new morning, now and forever. My typical "quiet time" is right before the sun rises, and because of that, I usually catch the sun rise while I'm thinking or praying over what I've read. My house is still quiet, my kids are asleep, and it's just me and God. I've always felt like the sunrise is a special little moment between God and I, and so this verse holds a deep meaning.

3. 1 John 3:1
I have always identified with this verse, and love the power it holds to remind me of who I am - a child of God. However, now with children of my own, I understand the first part of this verse, and how DEEP a love it truly is. This verse is one my heart sings in the GOOD moments. When I see my kids across the room and I am beaming with joy, I remind myself that I have that love because I am filled with the one who loved ME that way first.

What verses do you find yourself turning to most often? If you have questions or need a listening ear, please contact me through the sidebar.

See ya Monday :)

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