Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three on Thursday: Family Friendly Re-Runs

I love a mid-afternoon TV show, but with my kids home ALL day, it's hard to watch most anything with them within ear shot. Here are my favorite shows to watch with or around them.

1. Full House - It doesn't get any more family friendly than this. My kids LOVE this show as much as I did at their age.

2. Reba - I am forever and always a "Reba" fan. My mom and I used to talk about it all week long while we waited for a new episode! I'm pretty sure this was the first "grown up" show I watched with her. We were both also devastated when it ended! I own all of the DVDs and know almost every line. I'll never forget my daughter at two years old talking about Barbara Jean like she was a real person in our lives! My sister and I always die laughing when we discuss the characters resembling our personalities perfectly, and let me just say, I cannot fully celebrate a holiday until I have watched the coordinating "Reba" episode! Haha

3. Jon and Kate Plus 8 - My kids LOVE this show! I love that as we watch old episodes, they're paying attention to the kids, and I'm paying attention to the adults. It's a win-win!

One more day until the weekend!!!

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