Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Creative Thinking (Homeschool 2015-2016)

So the school year hasn't yet begun, but I HAVE to count one of our new family games as a lesson. Ahh, the joys of a home education :)

We have three cups - SETTING, CHARACTER, and PLOT. We pick 2-3 settings, each person a character, and at LEAST two plot twists to go along with whatever story line they come up with. All are drawn from a hat. Some examples are as follows:

Christmas Town
On a boat
In space
Stuck in a closet

Buzz Lightyear
Nascar Driver
Various superheroes
Barn animals
Police, Fire, Medic
Talking Hotdog haha (that was my husbands idea...)
and on and on...

You can only speak gibberish
The world has run out of ice cream
You are on a treasure hunt
You are searching for the worlds best popcorn
You are stuck in Arendale
A doughnut tornado has taken over your town
It is always Christmas
You are on a TV show
You are forced to live at a pumpkin patch
Anything else ridiculous that will make kids giggle...

This is one of our babysitters' favorite activities, as their dad is the set designer at a theatre. The rules are as follows:

  1. You MUST create your scene with art
  2. You MUST use props (and put them away)
  3. No re-draw, you get what you get
  4. You have to work all ideas into your story (but story doesn't HAVE to be centered around plot twists)
  5. Rehearse before performance
  6. TEAMWORK - no boss of the performance
  7. Costumes are encouraged!
  8. Have fun and be silly!

    Here was what they drew the other night with our sitters:
    Setting - On a boat/Christmastown
    Characters - Pig/Iron Man/Nascar Driver/Doctor
    Plot - Someone has to lose legs/Someone can only speak gibberish

    I think they did an AMAZING job given their silly assignments. Take a look:

Happy Tuesday! 

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