Thursday, June 4, 2015

Three on Thursday: Being a Girl Mom!

Contrary to being a boy mom, I felt completely prepared for being a girl mom!

  1. Having a daughter is all I hoped for and more. It is really like having a built in best buddy. Tea parties and pedicures were all for fun at first, but over time they have become an opportunity to bond and chat. Training her young to be comfortable in a one on one setting is showing itself already and I hope that she continues to build trust with me as she grows up. A mother daughter relationship is one of the most special experiences and I am so thankful that I have a daughter to share girly time with! I do not feel the urgency to "raise her up and let her go" like I do with my boys. I know from experience that a daughter will always be connected to her mother as life moves forward, and I pray that I am creating that environment for her, even at six years old. And as far as her relationship with her daddy? She runs it! Haha! That girl stole his heart the moment she opened her eyes!
  2. Having a girl puts me and my husband on the roller coaster ride of a lifetime! We have really had to perfect the art of LISTENING. The whining has recently changed for a full on ATTITUDE but it's totally ok - so much better than whining! But what hasn't changed is that she's trying her hardest to communicate with us, whether it be through tears or 'tude, and I have to humble myself daily and ask her for forgiveness for reacting instead of hearing. When I push past my own pride, I see that she is not committing major offenses, as much as she is just simply trying to be heard the best way she knows how. And to be completely honest, she is probably getting the whine/attitude from ME! 
  3. Girls are just so insightful and observant. I can't drive her to the corner gas station without her analyzing the why and how of someone else's car ride from the view of her booster seat. She peeks in car windows, asks anybody questions, and wonders, wonders, wonders. I hate that there will be a day when she realizes that the world isn't perfect, and I hope that God will prepare my heart to answer the tough questions she needs answers to. She often says profound things that show me that God is at work in her tender little heart. One being this little gem a year ago:

    "Mommy, I had a dream and I think that Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are not really one person. I think they're three people that just share one heart, and they share their heart with us."
I love this sweet baby, and I hope she realizes that she is the center of her mommy and daddy's worlds!


  1. I love this! I love being a girl mom <3 I can totally relate to #3 - I love the insightful things my oldest daughter (3.5yo) says & the way she notices everyone & everything!

    1. I really understand what Jesus meant about the kingdom belonging to children! Sometimes I think I learn more from her than she does from me :)