Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gram and Gummy Worms

I recently found these photos on my husband's phone, and it reminded me if an old post I had sitting in my "drafts" from January of 2013. While the photo below is outdated, the words are still so true.

I found this photo on my camera from a recent Daddy/daughter fishing trip.
For me, this picture says so much. It says: Daddy remembered to bring the leggings but forgot the jacket. It says Daddy remembered the gummy worms but forgot to hide them in the picture that Mommy would see. It says Sweet Thing is getting what so many kids miss out on - time. So therefore, it says that I've got a good man. Bad eating habits. Bad sense of style. But a good man. 

When I was 15 my Gramma came to Florida for a visit. My mom and I took her to a local ice cream shop. Right as the man handed me my ice cream, my (now, not then) husband walked in with his cousin. I had known him for all of two weeks, but I dropped my ice cream (not on purpose, I'm not that brave) and ran over to him. He smiled at me, and my Gramma later called "marriage". She told me that she could tell from feet away that he had one of the most genuine souls. 

And as the years fly by, I discover new little gems like this photo above, that remind me that Gram - you were right. 

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