Thursday, May 14, 2015

B's Bakery

OK so I'm just a LITTLE late on this post. To be honest, it's all still a blur. My daughter's 6th birthday party was scheduled for the Sunday following my Momo's passing, and after lots of "what should we do" types of conversations with my family, it was unanimous that we should just go ahead and celebrate as scheduled, if for no other reason than to distract the kids from all of the goings on. It seems, however, that that was the very day that the weight of the loss hit me hardest. Maybe it was  the change from daily hospice talk and funeral arrangements to a full blown party. Maybe it was that the party was a bakery theme and my Momo was a baker. Maybe it was the guilt of just how wrong it felt to celebrate in the midst of witnessing someone's last moments just hours before. Whatever the reason, I can't remember much of the party. My girlfriend was asking me just the other day about a guest at the party, and I honestly can't even remember said person BEING at the party, so there you have it. Big blur.

Thankfully one of my friends offered to take photos once the party started and I couldn't be more thankful. I'm not even sure that I could have located my camera at that point had I even thought of it! Looking back through, it seems like B was having a grand time, so here's to the memories that I don't remember, but am thankful for, nonetheless:

Wondering why all of these people are in his house:


Love that smile!

Haha! Real life captured - the moment we all realized Cousin Will was about to blow out the candles!

Her actual birthday was the following week, and we had a small party at home, followed by a weekend at Disney dining in Cinderella's Castle! Six was also her golden birthday :)

Love the six sweet years I have been blessed with this darling little soul!

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