Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kid Approved Lunch: Baby Spiders on a Web!

Halloween is tomorrow, and we are SO excited to be this close to the day-of madness, I am also a little bummed out that another year of sweet treats and simple fun is almost behind us. It wont be too long before the "cute" Halloween years are behind us, so I am soaking up every single fancy PB&J I can, and hence we have...

Spiders on a Web and a Spidey Sandwich!

Everyone's heard of "Ants on a Log" which is just peanut butter on a stalk of celery with raisin ants crawling along, so I thought we'd try a different version! I sliced the celery thin, drizzled some peanut butter in a swirl, and added some raisin spiders on top. To top it off, I turned their PB&J into the mama spider using a large mouthed cup, some pretzel rods, and raisin eyes.

Simple, but oh so fun, and kids approved!

Check back tonight for this week's Thanksgiving Thursday post, it's a big one. HERE is last week's in case you missed it!

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