Monday, August 12, 2013

School Room Week!

It's week two of the (Not)Back to School Blog Hop! We just moved into our new house 6 days ago, so our homeschool room is not quite out of boxes, plus I still have a hefty Amazon order to place, but we will give this a whirl anyway!

Our School Room 2013-2014
Kindergarten and Tot School 
It all starts here - my office:
 (like I said, nothing is yet unpacked completely)
Entrance to the school room:
What they see from their work table:
(minus daddy installing his just made white board)
Our storage bench doubles as a comfy alternative work station
Storage holds learning games, curriculum (what has come in so far), drawers hold MY supplies, and book basket changes seasonally and also holds some snugglies for the kids to hold while we read each day.
Next to that is our morning station (weather, calendar when it comes in the mail, etc.) and main storage area
Top shelf holds two baskets - tot school sensory tools, and blocks
Right side holds extra workbooks, stickers and small objects, and other "in season" books, tot school bins (play dough and sensory), and tot school toys
Left side holds Kindergarten workboxes (this is an entire post for another day)
Kids breakfast/snack area is around the corner, and their "100 days of school" chart is at the entrance to the craft room (ignore the pre-painted mess). We also keep the keyboard in this room...maybe I'll be better at making her practice each week now...

Many more changes and rearranges to come as we settle in! We are very thankful that the Lord blessed us with a much more functional space this year!



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  1. The storage bench, with the pull out 'desktops' are too cool. What a great idea.