Sunday, September 2, 2012

Banana Boston Cream Pie

Today, the kids and I took my mom out to celebrate her birthday:

 Everyone knows her favorite cake is Boston Cream Pie, so in order to make it a "special surprise" as Little B would say, we changed it up, and made the filling BANANA! Here's the super quick and easy recipe:

 Ingredients needed: 

 Yellow Cake Mix (the kind with pudding, I think it's Betty Crocker?)

3.4 oz pack of Instant Banana Pudding
1 Cup Milk
1 Container "Cool Whip" brand Whipped Topping

1 Bar Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate
3/4 Cp Powdered Sugar
1T Butter
3T Milk

  • Mix and bake cake according to package directions, let cool
  • Mix Pudding and Milk until set (about 2 minutes) and fold in Cool Whip
  • Slice dome off of bottom layer of cake and lay on serving dish
  • Spread ALL of the pudding mixture on top, place second layer on top of pudding
  • Chop, microwave, and melt chocolate and butter according to package directions - about one minute on high (VERY important that you use BAKERS chocolate, or it will burn on high)
  • Mix in powdered sugar and milk, pour on top of cake and immediately place in fridge for 2 hours before serving
Happy Birthday Mom!!!