Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Midwestern Moments

Being from the midwest, this Florida weather has me thrown for a loop! Right now, the calendar says that it's the end of June, but my body is going into full on winter hibernation mode. I'm breaking out the crock-pot, turning on James Taylor, and, yes, starting my Christmas planning. I know. It's weird.

This has prompted me to do another confessional, since everyone seemed to enjoy that last one so much!

In the few short minutes I have to write this before The Bachelorette comes back on...I mean...before my kids wake up...here are my strangest quotes, thoughts, and behaviors from the month of June:

  • I'm planning Christmas - yes, as in full on list-making, Black Friday scheduling, and testing my holiday recipes!
  • If you were in Michaels the other day and heard a little squeal from the aisle over that sounded something like "LOOK HONEY, PUMPKINS!"...that was me. And I was excited.
  • Along those same lines, I have kicked the air down a few notches and pulled out my Disney World blanket collection, so we have some snuggling to compliment the weather
  • I'm on pinterest strike, as in, there are just TOO many exciting things to pin every time I log on so in order to complete yesterdays really cool things, I connot log on to said electronic pin board of wonder.
  • I had a mini meltdown, ok, not so mini, when I realized that my Bluum Box subscription was coming to a close and scurried to find another place to throw my $10 a month. Now I REALLY panicked when I got put on the WAITING list for MyGlam bag. Just so everyone knows, I am the least "glam" of them all, the excitement for me is the wrapped packages that I get in the mail each month. Anyway, now my whole life is up in the air because I can't find anything to compliment my Birchbox and Julep box next month. But can you believe that there's a waitlist???
  • I rock at making hair bows. Just found out. I'm really good at it, so naturally "I'm going to set up an etsy shop and have a bow business" passes through my head. Nope, I'm not. I'm going to take a shower without kids shampoo. Yep. Sweet.
  • Yesterday was my favorite day ever. Why? Because I got a new glass stovetop cleaner and it really works. Oh yeah, this is what Heaven feels like.
  • I am petrified of fireworks, and I never remember this until the weeks leading up to July 4th. As a frequent Disney traveler, you would think I'm used to it by now. I'm not. And I think it has something to do with being chased around a tree by a bottle rocket when I was 8. My dream last night? I'm not even going there...
  • I miss my bangs, but I can't commit. So not I twist my hair around my head and stare intently, trying to imagine. Maybe soon. Maybe...
  • And finally, something in me has prompted me to ask my husband if I can just "not worry about anything else for the rest of the month besides cooking and cleaning and baking". Um, of course he said yes! So now I'm commited to his tummy and clean sheets for the next month, and you know what?! NOTHING has ever felt any better. So to all you texters, favor askers, and church ladies who can't remember what I look like - it's not you, it's me! This is the first time in my life as a mom that "nothing" has been my priority, and gahlee, it feels amazing!
Ok, that's all I can think of right now, and Emily is about to crack the whip on Arie, so see ya later ladies :)

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